At Iron Brothers, we value being honest with our customers. That is why we have published the answers to the most common questions we receive and the most common concerns we hear. Here you will find important and useful information about wrought iron products, as well as working with us. We are at your disposal to answer anything else you might want to know.

1. Will you want more money from me?

Our answer is short and clear: No!

The price of your wrought iron products order is negotiated before we start making them. We clearly state the amount in the contract and it remains unchanged until the end, regardless of the circumstances. We do not approve of the common practice in our country for unforeseen price increases for all sorts of reasons, when the client has “no way out”. We have heard the excuses too – the raw material has become more expensive, the project turned out to be more complicated. This will not happen with us. If there are any unforeseen circumstances, they will remain at our expense.

2. Do I have to call a cleaning company to clean up after you?

Again: No! After we finish, you can pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy your beautiful wrought iron acquisitions.
With our work we want to refute the gloomy Bulgarian saying “woe to those who let handymen into their home”. So, along with everything else, we will bring a vacuum cleaner. And we will use it until we have made sure that everything is spick and span.

That is why we prefer to install the wrought iron products last – when all other construction, finishing touches and repair work is completed. The tiles are laid down, the skirting boards have been installed, the wooden floor is sanded and varnished. Then we bring the wrought iron products, ready for installation. We must not work on bare concrete. This will, on one hand, ensure the products themselves do not get damaged and guarantee the clean completion of the whole process on the other.

3. Will my wrought iron rust?

If it is indoors – no. In fact, you can use it forever, it will always look brand new.

But if someone assures you that wrought iron that is exposed to the elements will never rust, then they are lying to you. Iron that doesn’t rust when exposed to the weather has not been invented yet. But we will make every possible effort to slow that process down. First of all, we degrease the iron with a special spray. Then we apply the required amount of primer. And finally, the product enters the paint chamber, where we apply the paint using low pressure. We let it dry, after which the product can make its way to your location.

That way we can guarantee that the product will not rust for two seasons. In the third or fourth year, however, maintenance will probably be necessary – i.e. a new coat of paint. Do not fret, we are here to help. Even a huge structure like the Eiffel Tower in Paris is repainted annually. And at Iron Brothers, we believe that rust is not really such a big nuisance. We even find it brings additional beauty and grandeur.