Hello! We are the Iron Brothers. We have been creating wrought iron furniture and products for over 15 years.

For us, this means creating comfort in your home. Beauty in the garden. Security on the stairs. Safety on the terrace. Comfort in your restaurant. Style in the hotel. Convenience in the yard. And in the workplace. Wherever you and the people who are most important to you are.

Throughout these years we have created furniture, structures and ornaments made of wrought iron for nearly 200 locations. We can now not only say, but also prove:

  • You will use them for decades to come. Because they are strong, reliable, solid and durable.
  • You will love and enjoy them. Because they are stylish, beautiful, elegant and comfortable.
  • You will be proud of them. And yourselves. Because they are modern, but also bear the character and dignity of an age-old tradition.
  • You will be unique. Because they are all hand made.

At Iron Brothers, we do not recognize production lines, preforms and molds. We are the only company on the Bulgarian market to use the authentic century-old technology of artistic forging, which turns our craft into an art. And the wrought iron product – into a masterpiece. Therefore, we guarantee that you will receive a unique design of your own choice, exceptional quality and exquisite craftsmanship. All to the last beautiful detail.

You will also receive precision and integrity. Fast service and competent assistance. Professionalism. Extensive experience combined with talent and love for the craft. It has been around for millennia precisely because wrought iron has proven its qualities over the centuries. If you are not yet convinced for yourselves, trust us. We will “forge” even your boldest ideas. Because, as we all know, each person forges their own destiny. We are by your side to forge your dreams!

Iron Brothers

Iron – In every sense of the word.