The main objective of decorative smithery is to create an item of both beauty and functionality. It should decorate your home, garden, or interior while functioning smoothly:

  • a massive gate should easily open and close,
  • a spiral staircase should be comfortable and safe for your kids,
  • a balcony guardrail should decorate a house facade and should be sturdy.

Processing metal and iron smithing is among the oldest crafts in human history and items made of iron have long proven their functionality and endurance through ages. They have the modern look while creating an indescribable sense of cosiness which connects us to our ancestral past.

Having 15 years of experience in decorative smithery, we turn to you our dear clients and esteemed designers – let us all be together from the very beginning of your project, let us provide you with ideas, advice, sketches, drawings. Let’s create together a high-quality and technically feasible project of everything you would like to enjoy to in your home, garden, hotel, or establishment.